Every child deserves to feel safe, loved and cared for.  They deserve to learn and grow and become the person they are destined to be.  In our society, the stewardship of a child’s rights rests primarily with family.  But too many families are in crisis, and too many children are lost in the process.

Over the course of any year, over 500 local children enter the child protection system. Too often, a single child can move to three or five or 15 foster homes in merely a matter of a year or two. Too often, a child can languish for years without finding a stable home, only to ultimately “age out” of the child protection system, without any family at all. As a result, these children are more likely to fall behind and do poorly in school, more likely to exhibit behavioral problems, more likely to engage in risky
behaviors such as drug and alcohol abuse and more likely to
re-enter the system.

Our solution to such injustices begins with a single advocate. Not just a mentor or a special buddy, this is someone specially trained to know what is in a child’s best interest, and how to get those interests met by the child protection system.

In 2019, our advocates served a record-setting 983 local victims of child abuse and neglect.

Bartholomew – 42.2% (415 children)

Decatur – 29.3% (288 children)

Jennings – 28.5% (280 children)

As a supporter of our event, you can help fund the recruitment, training and support of the advocate who will lift up these children’s lives.

You can learn more about Advocates for Children on our main website,